In the directory, we have gathered all of the details regarding our products that are essential for successful work. For a perfect piece of ceramic, the object shall be made from suitable material because the material “remembers” its moulding; you need to use mass and glaze fitting each other, and fire the product at the right temperature if you are to produce perfectly fired glaze as mass and glaze actually “communicate” with each other.

Technical data sheets (TDS)

The most important chemical, physical and thermal parameters of the products are presented in this chapter. When selecting materials it is crucial that their prescribed parameters should match. In view of the diversity of use, tests need to be performed by all means under the given conditions – recommendations in technical data sheets cannot substitute your own tests.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

The Safety Data Sheets help safe use of the products. Remember to read the data sheet before starting to use the material! Since the Safety Data Sheet applies to the use of the raw material it has nothing to do with the properties of the finished ceramic product, which cannot be concluded from the Safety Data Sheet.

Technical information

Most of the descriptions in this chapter have been translated from international literature, along with a summary of the experience accumulated by Interkerám Kft. The aim is to transfer knowledge as well as direct practical tips and advice through the articles.

Goerg & Schneider
Mondré & Manz
Zschimmer & Schwarz
Carl Jäger